#IA-STYLE is here to stay!
Our love for the old time classic IA lead us to this project development.
We are here to stay, unlike any other previous servers who tried and failed. Meet the old school gameplay with all those special features in #IA-STYLE project!
#IA-STYLE Big stats server!
BIG STATS is a feature which needs tons of adjustments in order to achieve game balance.
#Illusion Gaming Team spends many hours each day to test and adjust parameters, so you can all enjoy BIG STATS feature like its meant to be!
#IA-STYLE Beta Test!
Server is up and currently running the beta testing phase.
Everyone is welcomed to join our testing phase, just grab the updater and log in-game! Top beta testers will be rewarded in the Grand Opening!
New website is up!
Our new website is up and running, its still under development though.. Stay tuned!
Gameserver is up!
#IA-STYLE is up, beta testing is under process. Stay tuned for more info!
Development of new features!
#IA-STYLE needs a ton of adjustments in order to achieve an original game experience.. Be sure to check our forums ...
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Start the gameserver!
1.5.2020 at 18:00 |
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